Welcome to the site for safe downloads, where you can download dos games free!

Hello!!! I am going to try and get as many dos games as possible.

below is the list of all my games. the newest additions are at

the bottom (i finnaly had an update! its been forever!)

they are in .zip files, and you will need Winzip to unzip them. get it here (1.2mb)

I HAVE MOVED MY SITE!!!! it is now at www.rompfamily.com/henry

(check out www.rompfamily.com too! its my family's site) i will discontinue

any more updates to this site, and will not fix any bugs at this site starting today,

Sunday the 20th, october 2002. any time after this, please check my new url out, it has

more stuff and i am going to update it as much as possible (i can't promise that i am

going to update it every week or month or anything, but i will update it

more than i have updated this site.) thank you for visiting this site.

please do not request a game if you do not have a url where i can find it. however, if you do know where to find a game and think i should have the game, e-mail me at henry@rompfamily.com

You might note that my downloads have changed. i now have just one link instead of

linking to a page that tells you were the source of the download is. i assure you

that i make sure that these games are from a safe source, but it takes too long

to make a page that says the source.

Commander Keen

one of my personal favorites

(favorite over all is 2 down) It has great EGA

graphics and pretty good PC speaker sound effects.

You play commander keen. learn more

in the help section (not as annoying as most help sections) (238k)

Commander Keen 4

Numbered '4' because episodes 2-3 were released only when

the original was registered, This is my Second favorite game,

windowz or dos. now with SB sound effects, and better control, it is a really amazing game. (712k)

Commander Keen Dreams

This is what's known as the "lost" episode since not as many people have

played it. It uses the same engine

as Commander Keen 4 but features all new levels,

enemies, etc. I have personaly never played a better

game, although one MIGHT exist. great game. (350k)

Zapper Demo for screenshots click here

sorry for how big the picture is, it was the only good screenshot i could find

this zip file was to big for me to download, but i am posting it up here anyways. (109 megabytes)

Cosmo's Cosmic Adventures

this game is quite similar to commander keen, and is also made by the same company (Apogee). (712k)